Solar panel for business sites

More than saving.

Hungarian businesses are more and more expected to increase energy efficiency and to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

With the help of solar panels, solar power systems utilizing renewable energy, the energy need of the business can be supplied in an environmentally friendly and economical manner on-site.

Why are solar panels a good decision
for businesses?


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Why does it cost 185,000 HUF?

It is usually in the order of magnitude of a monthly amount of 185,000 HUF* which is considered to be the boundary between household-sized small power plants and low-power power stations.

If the monthly electricity bill of the business is less than 185,000 HUF, or the available power of the site does not exceed 3x80 Amperes, then licensing with the service provider and implementation in relation to the solar power system is identical with that of household systems.

*calculated with a price of electricity of 37 HUF/ kWh.

What is the difference?

Household-sized small power plants are small power plants connected to a low voltage network, the connection power of which do not exceed 50 kVA.

In case of a small power plant, we talk about a power plant producing electricity with a nominal performance capacity of less than 0.5 MW, specified in Section 4 (1) of Act LXXXVI. of 2007 on Electric Energy.

In case of implementation of low-power power stations, the construction permit of the Budapest Authority of Metrology and Technical Safety of the Government Office is required, and, similar to household-sized small power plants, the connection to the public utility network shall also be authorized with the service provider, while the imbalance cannot be accounted for either.