In our fast-paced world, often we are chasing economic benefits, and in the process, forget about the environment, even though excessive consumption puts an unbearable burden on wildlife, including ourselves: humankind. However, there is hope - a growing demand has manifested itself for green idea-inspired products and services and sustainable solutions. Today, companies dealing with renewable energy and recycling operate successfully in Hungary as well.

That’s why we want to promote environmentally conscious thinking in our weekly show, Super Green, sponsored by Optimum Solar. In our broadcasts, we present practices that are quite simple and easy to implement in everyday life - from the versatile use of solar panels to the complex energy systems applied in the construction industry. In 2020, episodes of the show will be aired on Sunday mornings on RTL Klub at a new time.

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We also pay special attention and allocate resources to green education. As an expert, Roland Lugos addresses sustainability and energy efficiency issues in articles published on several economic portals (e.g., and participates as a speaker at major professional conferences.
We publish a series of articles on environment protection in the issues of Csanád Média and Ziccer Magazine, in order to raise the awareness of as many people as possible of the current issues of this matter.


Optimum Solar considers it important to develop its direct environment, the broader region, and to support high-performing institutes and foundations. For this reason, we support organizations with outstanding performance in their field:

  • Impulzus – Foundation for the Future of Parasports
  • Optimum Solar - Men’s Handball Club of Békés
  • National Association for Smiles (Baja Ambulance Station)
  • EGYMI of Baja
  • Tuft Day Care Kindergarten and Welfare Service Provider of Szeremle, Sükösd General Cultural Centre - Day Care Kindergarten and Mini Nursery
  • Optimum Solar Ofenbeher Nándor Futsal Cup
  • Szent Iván Hagyományőrző Nonprofit Ltd.
  • Saint Rókus Hospital of Baja


We contribute to the protection of the planet in the course of our everyday activities. Our tree planting program started when we decided to replace the vegetation removed during the construction of the company site, so we planted 11 fruit trees and another 25 other tree species on the plot. We are currently planning to plant trees in the city centre of Baja to make our public spaces green.

The environmental awareness of our employees is also manifest in the frequent trash collection campaigns. We regularly organize waste collection programmes where everyone living around us is welcome. Naturally, we use selective garbage bins in our offices.

Our headquarters of 700 m2 in Baja operates with the most modern, environmentally friendly solutions. We apply a special solution for temperature control: we use 100% green in our offices and warehouse buildings operated by heat pumps and equipped with wall and ceiling heating and cooling. The solar power systems required for these are located on the roof of the assembly hall and next to the building, producing 55,000 kWh annually. This solution relieves the environment of a pollution of 38,000 kg CO2 beside ensuring a comfortable temperature.

When designing the interior spaces, we paid special attention to the path of natural light, as the resulting light tunnel is not only an environmentally friendly solution but also reduces maintenance costs. Thanks to smart technology, the rooftop windows are equipped with a rain sensor, so they close automatically when it starts raining.

The green approach is also manifest in the course of everyday, minor activities: we only use recycled paper, there is no plastic cup or water bottle on our site, what you can usually see is metal drinking straws and textile bags. The company’s fleet includes several electric cars. Naturally, these can be charged from the solar power system, thereby ensuring carbon-free recharging.

We believe that even the smallest things matter, and that we can do something for a more sustainable future every single day!


solar power systems




solar power systems


An annual green energy production of MWh


5,51 kWp

Kerepes- 2018

Further references
6,96 kWp

Gödöllő - 2018

Further references
3,03 kWp

Szada - 2020

Further references
2,20 kWp

Veresegyháza - 2019

Further references
7,83 kWp

Veresegyháza - 2019

Further references
29,7 kWp

Hatvan - 2020

Further references
246,24 kWp

Hidas - 2016

Further references
10,00 kWp

Nagykőrös - 2015

Further references
5,30 kWp

Karcag - 2016

Further references
10 kWp

Ráckeve - 2016

Further references
4,77 kWp

Zalaegerszeg - 2016

Further references
585,12 kWp

Baja - 2017

Further references
8,25 kWp

Bóly - 2014

Further references
4db 574,08 kWp

Jászszentlászló - 2017

Further references
50,00 kWp

Kiskunlacháza - 2015

Further references